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Dierk Van Keppel’s vision is continually ignited by nature and fired by the kiln. He reinvents art glass bringing to life the patterns and chaos reflected in the universe. Through a process both complex and rewarding, Van Keppel combines the ancient craft of glassblowing with the modern approach of fusing glass. The Van Keppel signature aesthetic reflects his appreciation for symmetrical, evocative creations—unique in their imaginative, rich palette. His art glass elicits an unspoken language so many long to share communicating beauty, form, color, clarity, opacity, and depth. The trained artisan has been crafting sophisticated, free- blown pieces with his talented team in his Kansas studio, Rock Cottage Glassworks, since 1981. With patience and precision, using a blowpipe and artisan tools, every gathering of molten glass is an exploration in design. Each piece is a handcrafted artistic expression. Each stands alone with one-of-a- kind characteristics— color variations, textures, and glass bubbles. Wall sculptures, chandeliers, vessels and other fine art glass works by Van Keppel are showcased in numerous museums, galleries, and private collections worldwide.

About the Artist

Dierk Van Keppel has been immersed in his passion for art since 1981—incorporating the ancient tradition of glassblowing with the modern concept of fusing glass. 2His approach is to discover and create patterns in the glass which recognize the elements found in the universe. From seashore erosion, fire and water currents, to weather patterns, and astronomical and geological formations—nature is his inspiration and reflected in every piece of his fine art. His career has resulted in nationwide exhibitions at premier galleries and worldwide commissions. In addition to fine art, Dierk creates custom lighting, vessels, bowls, castings and fusings in his studio at Rock Cottage Glassworks in Merriam, Kansas.

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